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ARC View on TCS’ IT Consulting for Integrated Business Planning


This ARC View focuses on importance of technology consulting for a mature and effective Integrated Business Planning model for manufacturers. The report also highlights TCS' unique view and approach to Integrated Business Planning and how TCS can help customers to implement best practices from a holistic perspective: people, process and technology.

Excerpt from the report:

Now that a more powerful generation of SCM tools has emerged, ARC sees the need for robust IT consulting as well. This is the main role TCS plays in the IBP consulting marketplace.

Demand planning can actually be more difficult to implement than the other solutions. TCS spoke knowledgeably about the forecasting hierarchies that may be needed to implement these applications effectively.

TCS is one consulting firm that can help companies move up in their IBP maturity curve with process improvement, technology roadmap, and enablement.

To view the full report, Click here