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ARC View on TCS' Digital Integrated Business Planning Process


This ARC View concurs TCS' vision for a demand-driven supply chain planning process called Digital Integrated Business Planning. It believes that this creates a more responsive, customer-centric planning process than traditional sales and operations planning. This report, also highlights how TCS leverages both existing and emerging technologies with demand-driven thinking to create more adaptive and responsive supply chain capabilities.

Excerpt from the report:

TCS’ vision of the cognitive supply chain is what differentiates the company. Supply chain planning relies on many models of the supply chain. Some of these work better in solving problems associated with strategic time frames, some in tactical planning horizons, and some are very good at detecting supply chain risks and enabling an organization to react to large disruptions faster than ever.

The company is taking the concept of a granular supply chain model and extending it beyond what others in the market are envisioning. A more modern approach to IBP is what TCS calls the Digital Integrated Business Planning Process. Just as TCS has tools in place to jumpstart improvements to many processes – including the IBP process – it has developed consulting tools and frame-works to jumpstart a company’s digital journey.

ARC concludes that TCS has worked to hone their abilities in all these areas.