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CIMdata Commentary: TCS PDIT Systems Transformation


Product development is complex in any company, especially for multi-site global manufacturing companies. About 25% of the Enterprise IT landscape in an industrial company supports technology development and new product introduction, i.e., product development. Major industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Hi Tech & Telecom and Industrial Machinery have their own unique challenges but all have issues with capturing and using knowledge.

Product Development Information Technology (PDIT) is TCS’ service offering to optimize and transform the entire lifecycle, chosen by about 50% of their clients. PDIT uses a maturity model to assess a client’s current state and develop a path to transform the company across multiple IT, operational, service delivery and business dimensions. By using a maturity model, TCS’s clients can understand the level that they are operating at, what the improvement objectives are, and how improvements impact people, process and technology. CIMdata sees the use of maturity models as a best practice consulting methodology, and the gains achieved claimed by TCS are impressive.

The TCS PDIT Framework’s breadth and depth allows TCS’ consultants to support virtually any industry while being guided by the business value measurement system. TCS claims several differentiators that benefit their clients. They have an impressive level of experience in many industries and are able to leverage that experience across industries.

CIMdata states that change management is an element of the PDIT framework that extends across the extended enterprise and includes the supply chain. Implementing organizational change is one of the most difficult problems to address in any IT project, and possibly the most difficult issue to address in transforming product development. By including change management within the scope of PDIT, TCS is able to raise the awareness and reduce the risk of implementing a business transformation process by executing an appropriate change management process. Beyond its industry experience, TCS has teams with a deep understanding of product development tools from designing and engineering actual products.

A final aspect of PDIT that CIMdata found interesting was the funding model. Several recent studies have shown that major portions of IT budgets are used just to keep existing solutions running. As the client progresses along the PDIT maturity path, cost and resource savings from the increased maturity are reinvested in tactical and strategic initiatives. These investments increase over time, and the cumulative benefit can lead to a breakthrough transformation, the final step on the maturity path.

CIMdata continues to be impressed by TCS’ innovation, customer focus and breadth of industries supported.

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