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CIMdata eBook: Managing Advanced Aerospace Programs in the 21st Century


In this eBook, CIMdata and TCS have collaborated to define the Art of Possible for advanced aerospace program and configuration management, to address the new challenges and leverage them to create new competitive and business opportunities.

Excerpt from the eBook:

“In aerospace, your company makes money when programs are executed well. Profitable programs lead to a profitable company.” PLM Lead at a tier 1 aerospace supplier.

Within the aerospace industry, complexities abound, no matter how you look at design, manufacturing, or use. While the drivers of the products are similar to most industries; timing, cost, client and consumer expectations, and the application of advances in technology, the aerospace industry is exceptional in the scale and absolute number of complexities.

At CIMdata we have been following TCS for some time. We have talked about their views on innovation and the capabilities and technologies they have put in place to support their clients across the product lifecycle. We have previously identified them as not just a system integrator, but a system innovator. The key difference is TCS takes a holistic view of the business and product from concept through life, and balance people, process, and technology in their solution approach. This perspective along with the scale and scope of services they are able to provide enables TCS to help clients realize what is possible, or as TCS likes to call it the Art of Possible.

To view the full eBook, click here