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Global Enterprises Need Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)


ARC View by Ralph Rio, Research Director, ARC

In this ARC View, Ralph Rio, Research Director, ARC, discusses the importance of Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) for manufacturing organizations and how it helps overall operating excellence. He also highlights how TCS has helped manufacturing giants like Cummins Inc. achieve this much needed business transformation.

Excerpts from the report:

“Manufacturing operations management (MOM) includes the management of the people, business processes, and assets to meet customer demand while providing shareholder value. MOM includes the core manufacturing execution system (MES), and integrates with business systems, engineering systems, and maintenance systems both within and across multiple plants and enterprises.

MOM fosters enterprise-wide collaboration, creates electronically driven workflows, and ensures focus on core manufacturing operations. MOM systems play a key role in monitoring, tracking, managing, and reporting for compliance requirements and carbon emissions. MOM allows manufacturers to respond to this increasing complexity with a global perspective, helping them control and manage their enterprise more effectively, leading to improved flexibility, inventory, time-to-market, customer satisfaction, sharing of best practices, and business process optimization. MOM offers the opportunity to efficiently execute a production plan across multiple sites and geographies.”

The report concludes with the following lines: 

“As demonstrated in the Cummins implementation, a service provider with a proven MOM practice, such as TCS, can bring diverse technical skills, program management, and experience managing transformational initiatives.”

To view the full report, Click here