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IDC Vendor Profile: Service Life-Cycle Management in Manufacturing


IDC Vendor Profile on Service Life-cycle Management (SLM) in Manufacturing highlights benefits that TCS brings forth for its clients through deep expertise in the field. The report draws attention to TCS’ innovation and business strategies that would aid manufacturers across industry verticals create valuable experiences for customers.

Few excerpts from the vendor profile report:

  • TCS' offerings encompass the entire service life cycle with digital and business solutions that support CRM, field service management, among other aspects of SLM 
  • TCS through its digital products aids customers across a journey that enhances the end customer experience
  • TCS has implemented a "3D engagement model" strategy to address its client's needs for rich domain expertise, technology expertise, and deep client context
  • TCS has taken a concerted approach to evolve with its clients and empower them to be more customer and data centric
  • TCS has established a deep expertise in manufacturing, which is shown out in the company's clients and the digital projects delivered
  • TCS has helped a number of its clients along in the journey to servitization where they are selling products as a service (i.e., selling usage, remote monitoring).