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TCS recognized as Leader in NelsonHall’s NEAT for Next Gen Testing Services


NelsonHall’s NEAT profiles the market to guide business leaders in understanding the capabilities of service providers in testing services for Mobile, User Experience, AI based Automation Capability, Other Cognitive & Testing capability (block chain, robotic process automation testing) and overall capabilities in these areas.

The report assesses 17 of the leading application testing service providers.  It profiles service providers on the basis of a variety of parameters broadly classified under ability to deliver immediate benefits and ability to meet future client requirements.


NelsonHall believes that TCS’ Leadership position is a result of its:

  • Extensive portfolio of services, expertise and digital assurance infrastructure in areas such as mobile testing, user experience testing and AI based testing.  Marque platforms viz., Customer Experience Assurance platform and Smart QE platforms enable enterprises to leverage digital technologies to succeed in the Business 4.0 world by embracing risk and mass personalization to create exponential value while drawing on the power of a symbiotic ecosystem of partnerships.
  • Investments in next-gen QE IP, frameworks or methodologies such as:
    • CX Assurance platform
    • Smart QE platform
    • Big Data & Analytics Test Automation Solution (BITS)
  • CX Assurance and Smart QE platforms are the outcome of TCS vision of Machine First Delivery Model (MFDM) where machines have the first right of refusal. Both the platforms use AI and ML technologies extensively for various use cases. CX Assurance platform focuses on Compatibility, Usability, Security, Accessibility and Performance aspects to assure world class user experience by using neural networks and predictive analytics on end user behavior data to correlate user experience quality with business outcomes.
  • Smart QE focuses on cognitive and intelligent automation, test suite optimization, release orchestration, analytics and test data & environment management. The platform makes extensive use of AI/ML capabilities for Test suite optimization, predict application quality using historical data via analytics,  root cause analysis using NLP. Other cutting edge features of Smart QE include chatbot integration, provide contextual insights & recommendations