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The Age of Connected Workforce is Upon Us


ARC View

In this age of uncertainty, the Energy sector grapples with myriad challenges. These unpredictable challenges can ultimately erode profitability. This is a key reason operations and maintenance teams in Oil and Gas must seek solutions that can help them harness the power of data to make critical decisions as quickly and accurately as possible and at the point of work. Now more than ever, Oil and Gas workforce need tools to help them assess operation performance so they can make critical decisions safely in real time and at the actual point of work. The TCS Connected Worker solution can leverage the Internet of Things and data analytics in the Oil & Gas industry to help field workers accelerate digitization. The benefits of this solution include:

  • Insight-driven operations and better in-field decision-making
  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Real-time visibility into operations
  • Reduced risks, eliminated errors, and improved productivity
  • Improved audit compliance and evidence recording