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Outsourced Software Testing Coming of Age



Thomas Reuner, Ovum, highlights how outsourced software testing is evolving into a distinct proposition and progressing from a mere staff augmentation approach (or from a bundled component as part of a larger outsourcing deal) to a significant outsourcing category in its own right.

Key messages

  • Comprehensive outsourcing engagements of testing services have been slow to come to the fore, but the pipeline indicates increasing traction 
  • Vendor positioning around outsourcing is leading to blurred perceptions within managed services 
  • The adoption of cloud services is still in a nascent state, with TaaS mostly discussed around testing tools rather than outsourcing

Vendor Positioning

Ovum has highlighted TCS emphasizing "assurance services" rather than testing as a way to differentiate from highly commoditized testing services. TCS, by building its processes around accepted standards as ISO, CMMi, Six Sigma, and ITIL and auditing them with its proprietary test process assessment framework, Tiara (TCS Integrated Assessment Framework for Assurance), has optimized its test processes to reduce cost and minimize risks reflected by its emphasis on using flexible business models.

Ovum believes that TCS’ attention to KPIs and metrics is among the strongest in the industry mirroring the maturity of its customer base. TCS positions TaaS as services bundled with tools or as an infrastructure-led approach and emphasizes on building test environments on cloud-enabled infrastructure services. TCS is seeing increased traction with its customer base, particularly around performance, compatibility (multi-browser OS), and security testing. TCS focuses on building TCoEs for its customer base and continues to see increased traction in this segment for comprehensive outsourcing deals.

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