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IDC PERSPECTIVE: Evolving from ERP to Network-Centric Supply Chain Applications


A recent IDC Perspective analysis takes a closer look at the evolution of supply chain applications. According to the report, half of large manufacturers will have begun shifting their supply chain applications from enterprise-centric to network-centric by the end of 2020, driving productivity gains of 2 percentage points.

The report features a marquee TCS case study wherein TCS has partnered with a large automotive manufacturer to conceptualize and implement a cost-efficient direct procurement and supply chain management solution. This engagement was undertaken with a goal to create a "scalable global supply chain solution for sourcing parts from around the world and supplying parts to plants anywhere in the world cost effectively and efficiently".

Key excerpts from the report:

· Multi-enterprise supply chain networks will have a transformative role in supply chain operations in the future

· Businesses must be more connected and more resilient. Network-centric applications will be the key that enables the possibility

· Manufacturers must engage a vendor that has experience in their market segment and has established network scale to meet the requirements

Download this report to get complete IDC Insights on this topic and to know more on TCS Case study