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ARC View: TCS Develops and Employs Best Practices for Product Engineering Services


As business processes become more complex and dynamic in the increasingly connected world, engineering service providers are seeing more demand for their services. As revealed in a recent ARC Advisory Group market study, TCS has emerged as a leading player among global service providers (GSPs).

This ARC View delves into the reasons why global organizations are increasingly using engineering service providers and captures some of the best practices that TCS employs to make it a leading Indian GSP.

TCS Helps Empower Customers for the Changing World
TCS has developed its expertise in industry applications, best practices, and technology utilization over decades of experience delivering product development, process development, product lifecycle management, asset management, manufacturing engineering systems and product development systems- related services. These enable the company to deliver smart and innovative engineering service solutions to its global customers.

 Specific TCS capabilities include:

  • In-depth domain expertise with end-to-end ownership: With deep expertise in multiple industries, TCS understands the challenges and proactively invests in technology to ensure timely delivery of solutions that customers need.
  • 19 Innovation labs: TCS’ state-of-the-art innovation labs are well networked with industry and technology experts and external academia to help support sophisticated research.
  • Partner ecosystem: Strategic alliances and strong collaboration with various stakeholders can help enhance a service provider’s value proposition. TCS has built a strong ecosystem that helps customers speed adoption of new technologies.
  • Structured framework for creating business value: TCS has developed a structured framework to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the engineering functions by benchmarking and aligning people, process, technology and ecosystem.
  • Flexible business models: Through flexibility in approach and agility in operations, TCS has been successful in attaining the trusted partner status with its customers. With leading corporations across the industries as its customers the company can boast a customer repeat record of 98.2 percent.

Competition continues to be increasingly global with accelerating speed of business. Product manufacturers should view engineering service suppliers as strategic partners for both technical and industry expertise. GSPs have moved beyond just skills augmentation to help develop and deliver vertical industry best practices. TCS offers an array of engineering services and delivery capabilities including supporting infrastructure, technical talent, coherent ecosystem, and vertical industry expertise. TCS has domain area expertise in a broad range of skills and industry best practices that customers can map into their projects.

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