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CIMData Commentary: TCS Engineering & IT Support for A&D Value Chains


In this commentary, read about the challenges in the aerospace and defence industries and how TCS provides value across the A&D industry. TCS provides engineering & IT solutions across the complete A&D value-chain ranging PLM, R&D, Aero-Structures, Knowlegde Based Engineering (KBE), Avionics, Project management, Manufacturing operations Management, Aero Engines, Test & Evaluation

Excerpts from the Commentary

What makes TCS exceptional is their use of large scale IT systems and technology to support their A&D product development and production work. Their engineering and IT skills enable TCS to develop knowledge management solutions and knowledge based engineering solutions that capture critical knowledge and enable consistent application and reuse as the knowledge is developed. This helps reduce the impact when people with critical knowledge retire or leave the company as well as improve quality, cost, and time to market on projects they work on.

Key takeaways:

  • A&D value chain processes and technologies have to support a wide variety of complexities including development cycles of five to ten years; increasing complexity of systems, materials, and electronics; strict compliance and maintenance requirements; and decades long service lifetimes.
  • A critical concern in most A&D related companies is knowledge loss; over 35% of employees are baby boomers who started retiring in 2008.
  • Many product-related IT systems are obsolete and need to be replaced to support increasing business and product complexity as well as to capture and manage the knowledge that is leaving through retirement
  • TCS provides A&D companies a broad and deep mix of technical services ranging from R&D, cross-functional and specialized engineering, as well as supplying parts, sub-assemblies and assemblies through an eco-system of Tata Group companies and IT consulting and systems integration support.

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