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Unlock the True Potential of AI for an Intelligent, Connected World


This analyst report, a digital wrapper from Forrester, comprises written introductions by TCS and Intel on how to realize the power of artificial intelligence in a modern, connected world. The document comprises three parts: The first presents a TCS executive viewpoint; the second puts forth a business viewpoint by Intel; the third holds a Forrester analyst research report that complements the earlier two points of view. Part one of the document emphasizes TCS’ perspective on how AI continues to push boundaries to create cross-industry impact and provides an extraordinary opportunity for enterprises and the world we live in.

AI Deep Learning Workloads Demand A New Approach to Infrastructure: A Forrester report excerpt

One breakthrough of AI is deep learning - a branch of machine learning that can uncannily identify objects in images, recognize voices, and create other predictive models by analyzing enterprise data. This report will help infrastructure and operations professionals understand their AI infrastructure options - chips, systems, and cloud - to execute on deep learning.

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