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Transforming to Compete With Data: Winning in the New Staffing Landscape

Learn how staffing companies can use data to innovate as competition soars

This paper was commissioned by Tata Consultancy Services as part of the MIT SMR Custom Studio Executive Scholar Exchange Program. Here’s an excerpt from the executive perspective by Nagaraj Ijari, VP and Global Head, HiTech & Professional Services, TCS

Businesses’ workforce strategies are undergoing a seismic shift in response to the rise in automation, the increasing ease of hiring ’just-in-time’ short-term workers, and the scarcity of the right talent. That shift has created both opportunities and challenges for companies in the staffing and recruitment sector. To meet the evolving needs of their customers, they must now deliver more customized services, and do so more quickly and efficiently than ever before.

New Business Models, New Competitors Disrupt the Staffing Industry

Temporary staffing, especially for industrial and office workers, has become commoditized, limiting the pricing power of even large, established players in the industry. The traditional, recruiter-centric business model carries not only a high cost of operations but is also less relevant, as social networks emerge as a potent source of candidates, particularly when hiring for highly skilled professional roles. Corporate customers may value the ability to fill jobs quickly with quality candidates more than they prize a long-term relationship with a staffing company.

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