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Wolters Kluwer Enhances Study of Law

TCS digitally reimagines legal education and enables immersive learning.

Wolters Kluwer
TCS Smart Content Management Backbone


Wolters Kluwer needed to reevaluate their business model to appeal to today’s students.

Students today demand engaging content that is accessible anywhere, on any device, and at any time. As a publisher of print-based, legal education material, Wolters Kluwer faced stiff competition from non- traditional players who promoted technology-based learning. They were under pressure to boost sales and appeal to a new generation of learners.

To create cost-effective and quick-to-launch material, Wolters Kluwer needed to reinvent their business strategy and intelligently leverage digital technology. They sought a partner who could help them drive this transformation.



TCS' digital learning platform for law students sets the tone for legal education.

TCS developed an interactive, intuitive solution for Wolters Kluwer that enhanced learning for students of law.

We began by closely observing the learning habits and needs of law students. Based on our observations, we designed a digital learning platform around the TCS Smart Content Management Backbone that included:

  • An eBook component where students could read, search for, highlight, and annotate relevant text

  • A study center which served as a comprehensive repository of videos and text explanations, concepts, assessments, and practice exercises

  • An outline tool for students to create course outlines

The digital learning platform has an extensible and flexible architecture to ensure it is future-proof and can be deployed both on the cloud or in premises. TCS applied responsive web design to optimize the platform for a multitude of devices. 


Wolters Kluwer partnered with TCS to launch an immersive, flexible, and scalable learning experience well in time for the new school session. Insights into learning patterns and content usage helped Wolters Kluwer modify their business model and plan for the future.

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