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Woolworths transforms enterprise data storage with TCS’ Active Archive™
In this video, Warwick Jones, Head of Supply Chain Applications Service, Delivery Applications, and IT, Woolworths, highlights how TCS’ Active Archive™ helped the company manage its enterprise data effectively, and increase operational efficiency.
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Woolworths Supermarkets
Technology Operations

“TCS has enabled us through supporting and partnering with us in this very large program to ensure we’re constantly evolving with regards to what we need as a business going forward”

Warwick Jones Head of Supply Chain Applications Service, Delivery Application and Information Technology, Woolworths.

Experience Results

Talking about Woolworths’ business model, Warwick says that IT systems are vital to the smooth functioning of their business. It is therefore imperative that these systems operate in an efficient and agile manner, which is why TCS was brought in to transfer Woolworths’ legacy data from the shared storage environment to a dedicated cost-efficient storage. Warwick notes that TCS’ implementation of its archival solution, TCS Active Archive™, has resulted in significant savings for Woolworths with regard to IT operation costs.

Experience Partnership

Warwick refers to the 20-year long partnership between TCS and Woolworths as one that endured and grows. He lauds TCS’ dedication and expertise, which have been instrumental in delivering the desired outcomes to Woolworths.

Experience Leadership

The relationship with Woolworths goes beyond services and resourcing. 

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