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Integrate planning and orchestration with AI

COVID-19 has resulted in a step change in online demand. This is eroding retailers’ profitability due to the additional costs of fulfillment such as labor and delivery. In addition, retailers also need to contend with in-shift disruptions due to staff absenteeism, sub-optimal labor performance, automation failure, short-order lead times, and disruption to transport due to road closures and truck delays.

As retailers look to trim costs and optimize rosters with a constrained workforce, real-time visibility and control with an accurate labor schedule, and the ability to orchestrate a distributed workforce will be crucial enablers for workforce optimization.

What retailers need is an AI-powered solution that can help them to attract, retain, engage, and manage the workforce, while reducing labor costs and maximizing labor productivity. This paper addresses the six key elements of AI-powered workforce optimization.

Tim Bateman

Supply Chain Partner, Retail, TCS

Alan Freeman

Senior Manager - Consulting, Retail, TCS


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