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The Challenge

With the use of digital platforms for collaboration, HR professionals need to ensure the mental and emotional well-being of each employee. However, lengthy low-quality meetings hamper the overall employee productivity and work-life balance, causing stress and impacting the overall project schedule and cost. Further, working in silos, after office hours engagements, collaboration overload, and low morale can affect the digital transformation journey. A manager’s burnout risk due to high overload can also cause dissatisfaction within the workforce.

TCS Solution

TCS Collaboration Pattern Insights provides quick insights to customers based on the collaboration pattern of employees using Workplace Analytics and Viva Insights. The solution transforms the meeting culture to free up time by eliminating long, recurring, and low-quality meetings. The solution provides the following:

Interactive dashboards

Source data from Viva Insights in combination with organization context data to examine employee behavioral patterns

Data-driven guidelines

Adopt a digital transformation culture, and manage employee productivity by comparing and monitoring data-driven insights, interventions planned for corrective actions, survey data integration, and success trend analysis

Workplace Analytics or Viva Insights

Gain access to actionable insights to discover collaboration patterns; design boutique solutions, summarize findings, and identify opportunity areas within five to seven weeks

Analytics services

Access daily O365 data, usage analytics to power O365 adoption, and quantification analytics for digital workplace success




Eliminate distractions and avoidable activities to focus on customer centricity and boost employee productivity

Set up a long-term employee experience road map through use cases such as enhanced operational efficiency, increased customer focus, integration with related systems, diversity and inclusion, and retention analytics

Improve employee work-life balance with quick onboarding before schedule and ensure sufficient focus hours to address burnout risks

Eliminate long, recurring, and low-quality meetings to improve employee productivity and reduce project schedule


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TCS Offering to Improve Employee Engagement & Manager Effectiveness

Read how CHROs can leverage TCS Collaboration Pattern Insights using Workplace Analytics / Viva Insights for better employee engagement & manager effectiveness.