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World-first cloud technology for Glory Global
Michael Williams, CFO and Matt Walters, Global ERP Program Director, Glory Global Solutions, talk about how TCS helped them build a more simplified, standardized, and automated solution enabled business using cloud technology.
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Glory Global Solutions (GGS)
Cloud Transformation Enterprise Application Services

Experience Results                               

Matt shares how TCS helped GGS build a common end-to-end model, which fit the business requirements, and is totally scalable.  This has helped bring people across all of their geographies worldwide on the same platform, and using the same fundamental data model, which delivers one version of the truth, transparency across the whole business and drives efficient business processes.    

Experience Partnership

Michael highlights how TCS and GGS have been able to work collaboratively together throughout the engagement. TCS’ focus on a long term partnership has meant reliability, a value Matt goes on to add.

Experience Leadership

TCS was able to complement the GGS team’s business knowledge with their expertise in Oracle solutions and implementation best practices. According to Matt, this implementation would not have been possible without TCS. Michael reaffirms this even as he goes on to appreciate how TCS has gone beyond efficient execution to helping Glory Global Solutions derive the maximum benefit even as they start to explore other opportunities. 


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