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Zee Transforms Rights Management System

TCS deploys its Enterprise Rights Management Solution to Improve Rights Visibility

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd.
Media and Entertainment
SAP Services


Zee wanted to modernize content rights management system to manage increasing complexity.

The Indian media and entertainment giant wanted to modernize its legacy-based information rights management system that was marred by disparate workflows for rights acquisition and distribution. The company’s legacy system was not able to effectively manage each rights dimension. Users had to look at multiple sources for information and depend on paper contracts to determine license availability and legal restrictions. Zee was expanding its overseas operations and foraying into on-demand media services, and therefore needed a robust system to keep up with the changing business models. 



TCS implements its proprietary, feature-rich Enterprise Rights Management solution.

 TCS customized and deployed various sub-modules of its Enterprise Rights Management solution’s ‘rights’ module, including license-in, license-out, finance, and product.

The engagement was carried out over four months in two phases – streamlining of license acquisition processes and automation of license distribution workflows. TCS integrated the rights management platform with peripheral systems such as broadcast management system, digital asset management, and SAP to enhance data sharing. A centralized database was created to collate license-in and license-out information, enabling advanced analytics and allowing users to generate reports.

Further, TCS strengthened the access management and data security features to protect business-critical information and prevent unauthorized access. To enable validation of infringement claims in the future, a robust audit trail capability was put in place

“Now we have a single source of truth across acquisition and syndication along with improved analytics.”

Mr. Rajneesh Mittal, CTO, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd

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