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TCS MasterCraft™

Experience Inclusive Software Delivery

Enable software delivery across methodologies, technologies, distributed teams, and velocity of change.



Organizations with large IT set-ups find it challenging to manage applications, release new features frequently, and upgrade products to meet changing market demands. Their modernization initiatives are hampered by decades-old legacy applications that are difficult and cost-prohibitive to understand, modify, maintain, and reengineer. Rapid changes in technology, automation in silos, enormous data volumes, and the need for information security further compound their challenges.

TCS Mastercraft Enables Companies for Data Insights and Software Delivery

TCS Solution

by leveraging a comprehensive and pragmatic approach to analysis and transformation of applications, processes, and people. We empower them to create and deploy new applications through code generation, independent of underlying technologies. Our products ensure holistic data governance, and leverage decision-support reports, dashboards, and analytics to make risk-managed conclusions. We also ensure privacy and quality of enterprise data and compliance with data regulations.

MasterCraft™ provides digital platforms to optimally automate and manage IT processes across three key areas:

1. Agile, continuous application delivery

2. Application modernization and transformation

3. Enterprise data provisioning, privacy, quality, and governance management

Currently MasterCraft™ products are used in over 650 projects across 100 customers since its inception. They are backed by 24x7 support and professional services, with toll free call-in lines available in multiple countries. MasterCraft™ Academy delivers training services and certifications on product capabilities.


Tata Steel Transforms Supply Chain Visibility

TCS integrates systems end-to-end, assures reliability and quality across the product life-cycle.

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