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Digital Strategies for Big Picture Results

Smart technology plans do more than enable new processes, they enhance business results.

TCS announced its Q4 FY 2018 results on Apr 19, 2018

Success Story

Telia Unifies API Management

TCS helps the telecom major set up a cloud-based, scalable platform that boosts IT productivity.

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White Paper

Harness Abundance The Blockchain Way

How Blockchain Technologies Can Address Your Supply Chain Challenges in Cloud Services Management

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Building Technology-enabled Freight Marketplaces

Building Technology-enabled Freight Marketplaces

Blockchain, advanced analytics, probabilistic pricing algorithms, and artificial intelligence show immense promise for the logistics industry.

This paper tells how to create a differentiated freight marketplace and how to sustain it!

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TCS Agile Way

Transform to Enterprise Agile

Work with us to reduce your Agility Burden, thrive in a dynamic environment & create a better tomorrow.

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