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The business landscape is being increasingly influenced by the dominant forces of technology and innovations like Blockchain and AI. Against this backdrop, financial market infrastructure institutions are at the crossroads of change. While on one end, there is rising competition with new market models being created by new entrants and niche players, on the other end of the spectrum, organizations need to deal with disparate customer segments with varied needs. Timely investment in technology holds the key to enabling organizations stay at the forefront of change, adapt quickly, and ensure service excellence to their customers. 


TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure from Tata Consultancy Services is a solution that supports components and offerings for end-to-end trade and post-trade functions, including unified clearing, settlement along with integrated risk and collateral management. The solution also offers trade matching, surveillance, issuance, depository and registry functions across multiple asset classes in a single solution. Bringing in the unique ability to support multiple markets and asset classes on the same platform, it has been continuously benchmarked to global regulatory standards such as G30, PFMI, SFTR, GDPR, SMPG, FATCA/CRS, EMIR and CSDR as well as messaging standards such as ISO 20022, ISO 15022, FIX, FIXML and FpML, in addition to standard APIs for integration.

The TCS BaNCS for Market Infrastructure solution can be deployed on a wide range of technology stacks and is also “Cloud ready” thereby providing an efficient way to manage TCO for our customers. Equipped with the Quartz plugin, the solution is blockchain-ready and enables MI organizations to future proof operations by leveraging TCS BaNCS for their businesses. 


  • Supports a comprehensive range of business functions to cater to the evolving business needs of CSDs   
  • Supports real-time interfaces with the market participants using a wide range of messaging standards
  • Designed for high performance using our unique HpTM (High Performance Transaction Management) framework, the solution provides ‘Unified Clearing’ across Cash and Derivatives markets  
  • Allows for the seamless launch of newer asset classes and create Derivative contracts   
  • Real-time monitoring of capital market transactions and detects manipulative trends. The AI and ML enabled monitoring ensures easier filtering of alerts to increase operational efficiencies

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