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Emerging trends and disruptions are redefining the business model of banks and financial institutions. With the proliferation of new age payments, alternative lending mechanisms, and automated solutions, among others, it is increasingly critical for these institutions to focus on innovative ways to meet customer demands. They need to evolve and adopt sophisticated digital technologies to drive customer value and ensure growth in a changing banking landscape.

TCS Solution

TCS Banking and Finance Business Operations, driven by our ValueBPS™ approach, enable enterprises to stay ahead in a dynamic business landscape and achieve sustained and profitable growth. We provide end-to-end Banking and Financial Services (BFS) across corporate banking, capital markets, and consumer banking value chain.

We enable digital transformation with an innovative suite of financial solutions, which include mobile-based applications, banking-specific RPA components, web-based debt management, and fraud management solutions, among other services.


  • $1.8 million potential savings through digital transformation

  • $15 million revenue leakage prevented

  • Up to 30% improvement in efficiency ratio through platform-led transformation

  • Up to 60% reduction in average cost per transaction

  • 15–20% reduction in fraud losses

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