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TCS Xplore and Beyond

TCS Xplore is a learner-centric program with a 120 hour progressive induction curriculum

Xplore program is coupled with a plethora of engagements:

  • AsCEnD: To ace your Digital skills, get certified and flaunt your competencies
  • Hackathons: A fantastic platform to test your skill and showcase your prowess in Digital Technologies
  • Digital Connect Series: Get insights from leaders on the Organization’s strategy for growth, current industry challenges and expectations from the customers
  • Business Unit Connect: Business inclusive learning experience through quizzes, hackathons, Leader Connects etc.
  • Internships: Opportunity to learn and grow at one of the leading IT companies in the world

For queries and support regarding Xplore, please send an email to or call our Toll Free number at 1800-572-3858 (Mon-Fri : 10:00 AM to 06:00 PM)

For queries and support regarding Onboarding and Document Verification please send an email to

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