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Despite growing pressure to offer proactive patient engagement, several hospitals, clinics, physicians, and other caregivers continue to remain ‘reactive’.

Their workflows and setups remain centered around episodic care, rather than preventive treatment, making it difficult to effectively interact with patients, and provide adequate, actionable information on their health conditions/diagnoses.

As a result, patients endure high wait times at call centers. 

TCS Solution

that is proactive, scalable, and personalized.

Our machine learning, pattern recognition, and natural language processing technologies:

  • Enhance the efficacy of patient engagement platforms.
  • Learn from patients’ historical data to improve health outcomes.
  • Extract data from provider forums/social networks to help patients make quick, wise health-related decisions.
  • Trigger SMS, e-mail, and mobile alerts to patients for effective remote care.

Overall, our application serves as the primary touch point for patients to take timely and informed action regarding physicians, care plans, appointments, and claims reimbursement.


  • Measure and track patients’ health parameters
  • Harness patient data from provider forum/social networks 
  • Increase the availability of actionable, digitized health records
  • Disseminate targeted, customized educational content
  • Reduce customer center queries with automated workflows
  • Provide better healthcare outcomes/recommendations
  • Win patients’ trust, and strengthening brand loyalty
  • Avoid complex physical set up/maintenance infrastructure costs

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