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The Challenge

Optimized service levels are vital to the supply chain of any business. However, reliance on manual processes can create many problems. Many businesses lack mechanisms to capture order information, business priority-based material code selection to identify the right product to be delivered, and system-driven alerts and notifications to identify process disruptions. The latency in updating the master data across entities also creates hurdles in getting actionable insights for stakeholders.

TCS Solution

TCS' Service Level Enhancement solution is a part of our proprietory Integrated Distributor Management and Collaboration Platform (iDMCP). It helps businesses in the CPG, distribution, and supply chain management industry improve their distribution channel efficiency. This solution brings all distributors together on a common platform to help them operate effortlessly on a large scale, irrespective of their technology requirements or process maturity.

By re-engineering manual processes, the platform automates all the retail order fulfillment tasks, including digital purchase order (PO) capture and validation, inventory allocation, and material code selection based on retailer-specific algorithms. The solution analyzes data to deliver insights on performance and recommendations on how to fulfill customer demands. It can be easily integrated with existing systems and modified to suit specific business needs smoothly and seamlessly.


  • Improve case fill rate by 20%
  • Reduce manual efforts
  • Reduce cost to serve
  • Increase collaboration with channel partners for effective distribution planning
  • Enhance customer service levels
  • Improve visibility of stock levels



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