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Enterprises looking to personalize sales and aftersales services face inefficiencies in engaging with customers. The existing legacy systems lack the intelligence, automation, and collaborative features needed to accelerate sales and generate steady revenue streams. The absence of standardized processes across geographies further impacts quality control and reduces customer engagement. All these lead to longer sales cycle and poor customer experience.


TCS’ Design Win and Intelligent Customer Engagement solution allows enterprises to increase their customer engagement and user productivity by streamlining interactions with the value chain. With in-built tools to track design-wins and sample orders, manage global pricing, and support end customers, the solution lets enterprises sell effectively and collaborate seamlessly with its design-based approach:

  • Collaboration: The solution offers end-to-end capabilities and ensures effective collaboration by leveraging real-time actionable insights which improves lead nurturing efficiency and accelerates design win cycles

  • Rich visualization and analytics: Provides a 360-degree customer view for the complete sales life cycle through intelligent and personalized dashboards

  • Relationship selling: Manages large sales projects using semiconductor industry-specific pre-configurations

  • Sales and customer engagement: Creates quotations, submits POS reconciliation records, seeks price protections, and claims design wins and production win rewards


  • Improved overall win rate with average deal size increase by 25%

  • Collaborative selling to bring down sales cycle by 30%

  • Guaranteed improvement in productivity by 20%

  • Increased customer wallet share through 50% cost saving and 3X cross-sell and up-sell revenue

  • Personalized customer experience through an integrated approach

  • Lifetime value and production distribution via predictive forecasting

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