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Innovation Forum 2020


July 15, 2020

10 AM EST | 3 PM BST | 4 PM CET | 7.30 PM IST

75 Minutes

Add to Calendar Europe/London Event The 2020 Innovation Forum will explore all aspects of the new beginning and examine how innovation will help to shape the Business 4.0™ world of tomorrow

A New Beginning: Operating Remotely and Autonomously 

The TCS Innovation Forum is a premier, invite-only event that engages business leaders globally. In 2020, the TCS Innovation Forum has been reimagined into a virtual format through a series of events. Inspiring speakers share their perspectives and advice on both how to navigate the working world and innovate with new business models in a period of uncertainty.   

The next virtual event in this series, A New Beginning: Operating Remotely and Autonomously, features Regu Ayyaswamy, Senior Vice-president and Global Head, Internet of Things, and Engineering and Industries, TCS, and Krishnan Ramanujan, President, Business and Technology Services, TCS. They will discuss how the need for reimagining business with remote – and eventually, autonomous – operations is essential to becoming a growth leader and future-ready enterprise.

Helping guide clients on their transformation journeys, TCS’ IoT framework Bringing Life to Things™ enables companies to move from applying advanced analytics for monitoring or failure prediction to self-managed systems that can self-heal, self-configure, self-organize, self-optimize and self-learn. Bringing Life to Things creates exponential value for businesses and positions them for growth. An executive panel will share their experiences and best practices in realizing their vision for remote and autonomous operations.

Guest speaker Professor Kouhei Ohnishi from the Global Research Institute, Keio University, Japan, will share the future of remote communications powered by haptics technology – a novel concept called the ‘internet of action’. Haptics as a field of research is very relevant for everything from remote surgery to remote operations. A TCS Pace Port™ Tokyo team will share its view of how robots and humans can both interact and co-work to enable autonomous operation across industries. 

As a service to our valued client and partner community, the premier TCS Innovation Forum 2020 series will run from July through September 2020. Topics cover areas from autonomous operations and 5G to the fundamental shifts, critical success factors and changing consumer behaviors across industries. The upcoming virtual events are as follows:

• July 15, 2020 – Operating Remotely and Autonomously

• July 29, 2020 – Consumer Behavior and Changes to the Retail and CPG Customer Experience

• August 12, 2020 – Health, Well-being and Safety as Critical Success Factors for Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Wellness Industries 

• August 26, 2020 – Fundamental Shifts in Financial Services and Products

• September 9, 2020 – 5G and Intelligent Edge. Post-pandemic Reconfiguration of the Communications Industry

The TCS Innovation Forum is an invite-only event for global customers. If you have an interest in attending future virtual TCS Innovation Forum events or have any questions, please write to You can also read more about the TCS Innovation Forum 2020 events held over the past few weeks at the links below.

A New Beginning: Building Supply Chain Resilience featured Susheel Vasudevan, president of the Manufacturing and Utilities units at TCS, with Matthew Lekstutis and Mark Newberry, leaders from TCS’ Global Supply Chain Consulting Practice. They highlighted how organizations are transforming from supply chains to supply networks and ecosystem commerce, plus how to leverage digital twins and control towers to drive resilience and competitive advantages. Also, a C-level panel shared their perspectives and insights.

A New Beginning: Safeguarding Our Workforce, featured NG Subramaniam, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, TCS, and Ashok Krish, Global Head, Digital Workplace, TCS, who provided insights on how companies from different industries can make their workplaces more agile, resilient and safe. The event featured showcases by innovators from the TCS Co-innovation Network™, who have built new technology solutions to enable a safe return to work. A cross-sector C-Level panel also shared their views on how their sectors are dealing with remote working and a new beginning at work.

A New Beginning: Purpose-driven, Resilient and Adaptable with Business 4.0™, hosted by K Ananth Krishnan, Executive Vice-president and Chief Technology Officer, TCS, featured notable speakers from business, academia, government and scientific institutions.


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