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Marty Samadder

Engagement Director, Cloud Strategy and Digital Transformation, TCS

Marty Samadder leads the Cloud Strategy and Digital Transformation practice within Consulting. With more than 23 years of experience, Marty is a detail-oriented and solutions-focused IT leader with broadly diverse expertise encompassing digital innovation, business transformation, end-user experiences, and sustainable enterprise architecture. He has demonstrated expertise in the digital reimagination of business architecture, transformed business operating model with AI, Gen AI, and MLOps. Marty also has a proven track record in defining and implementing data strategy, governance, and advance analytics frameworks of large corporations. 

Marty has helped more than 15 Fortune 500 healthcare companies, including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, distributors, and service providers, drive digital strategy and transformation initiatives, primarily focusing on sales, commercial, margin management, and supply chain domains.

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