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Bobby Philip

The power of mutual belief can never be overstated in the context of TCS and its employees. This symbiotic relationship has bloomed for over five decades, thereby making TCS employees one of the best global talent pools and TCS one of the best global employers. TCS has been firm in its commitment to the holistic growth and development of its employees. Not surprisingly, this diverse and supremely talented group of over 488,000 people proudly upholds the #OneTCS spirit.

We had a freewheeling chat with TCS employee Bobby Philip on how his relationship with TCS has evolved over the years. Bobby has been with TCS for 13 years. An IT professional with 20 years of experience, Bobby is an effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills, and the ability to relate to people at any level of business and management. Here are excerpts from that conversation:

1.What do you think is unique about the relationship TCS has with its employees?

As an employee-centric organization, TCS provides holistic growth and development opportunities not only to its employees but also to their families. Likewise, TCS employees consider TCS and their fellow employees as extended family. A culture of mutual belief that has been built over the years has cemented the bond between TCS and its employees.

2. What do you love the most about being a TCS employee?

There are multiple things I love about being a TCS employee. The organization has a strong inclusive culture that promotes a sense of belonging. The work is innovative and one that lets you leverage and see the emergence of cutting-edge technologies. In terms of career and personal growth, there is a strong emphasis on self-development via a best-in-class talent development system that promotes reskilling as well as upskilling. TCS boasts of a culture where employees are actively encouraged to share their inputs and suggestions that make them feel valued and respected. Last but not least, acknowledgement and recognition are in-built in this talent development system and serve as strong incentives to continually push the envelope, be creative, and be consistent.

3. What roles and goals have been assigned to you in the past and how has your experience been?

I developed expertise in identifying, seizing, and utilizing opportunities to improve operations, as well as to increase effectiveness while meeting corporate strategic objectives in several domains of IT infrastructure. There are various evaluation parameters through which TCS recognizes associates who display the potential to advance to senior positions at an early stage. I am glad that I was encouraged to assume higher responsibilities. It helped me grow in confidence and was a boost to my overall professional growth.

4. Did you ever go through a rough patch or a challenging situation? How did you work around it?

Yes, there have been challenges and testing times and I am thankful to my supervisors and the team for having played a significant role in grooming me both as a person and as a professional. Apart from providing the means to learn, perform, deliver, and grow, they have been my confidants. I have never hesitated to seek their guidance and inputs wherever needed because of their approachable nature. The workplace has been collaborative, thanks to my supportive colleagues. Over the years, they have indeed become my extended family.

5. As an experienced professional, what are the key promising factors that you have come across in TCS?

There are various avenues which empower TCS employees to realize their potential. TCS learning and growth opportunities in trending technologies across multiple domains are unmatched.

The Talent Development team at TCS is one of the best in the industry and so is their state-of-the-art learning ecosystem. TCS is committed to helping its employees achieve their learning goals via well-designed web-based training, webinars, etc. These channels help employees hone existing skills even as they acquire newer ones.

Additionally, initiatives like Fit4Life, Purpose4Life, Maitree, etc., help an employee seek purpose even outside a work environment, which in turn helps them develop a well-rounded personality and eventually brings meaning to how they approach work itself.

6. How good is your understanding of the Business 4.0TM framework? How has it helped you in dealing with customers?

Business 4.0TM helps TCS’ global customers leverage digital technologies to drive their growth and transformation agenda. Customers rely on TCS’ superior contextual knowledge, spanning domains and industries. This knowledge can work wonders if supplemented by TCS’ expertise in trending technologies, which is the outcome of the best innovation via advanced research.

7. What is an important life philosophy that you stand by?

Stay relevant by continually upskilling yourself, make well-informed career choices, always strive to deliver the best outcome, never give up even when the going gets tough, and forever try to be the best version of yourself.

About the author

Bobby Philip
Bobby has over 20 years of experience in Infrastructure Service (IS) Delivery spanning end-to-end IT IS operations in data centers. In his TCS career of 13 years, he has gained expertise in command center operations, end-user computing, data center operations, IS tools, migration, transformation, and implementation. Bobby currently lives in the UK. Apart from spending quality time with his family, he enjoys music and reading. He is also passionate about mentoring his team.
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