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Swaminathan Sriram

Hybrid work – that is the next disruption enterprises are embracing after remote-only work setups. While they are designing robust strategies for hybrid work models, the need of the hour is to put easy-to-use technology in the hands of frontline workers, an integral part of organizations across industries.

According to the Harvard Business Review Analytics Services study, 78% of executives believe that, in order to be successful, their organizations must connect and empower their frontline workers with technology and information.

For example, if frontline workers can log incidents with real-time photographs, asset details and live location on chat-based mobile workspace solutions such as Microsoft Teams from the factory floor, it will help improve their productivity immensely.

This is especially true in the utilities industry where frontline workers interact and operate in hazardous environment, a mobile-first field service solution like TCS Industrial Connect that accelerates field force digitalization on instant chat, can enable them to perform their daily operational tasks safely and efficiently.

Such a solution should deliver contextual data of various business processes through customized channels, which can be accessed on a mobile app. For example, the solution should be able to:

• Identify safety hotspots

• Monitor asset health and get alerts in case of discrepancies

• Digitalize field inspection reducing the turnaround time for necessary actions

• Make available SOPs on mobile for easy reference, auto-generate

• Share various reports in a paperless manner, reducing the margin of error

These in turn ensure higher compliance and prevent safety incidents in factory environment besides improving the productivity of frontline workers.

By contextualizing the right use cases relevant in other industries, such a field force digitalization solution can empower frontline workers. For example, in manufacturing industry, it can be leveraged for shop-floor workers to inspect different machines and get remote expert opinion by using native features of workplace solutions such as Microsoft Teams to decide on the health of those assets and schedule maintenance or order replacement spare parts as required in real-time to avoid any equipment outage.

As companies respond to the pandemic with digital workplace initiatives to transform their work and provide a safe operating environment for their frontline workers, solutions such as TCS Industrial Connect can help them by providing a simple, light-weight and easy-to-use digital solution on their mobile devices. TCS Industrial Connect, a part of the larger TCS Connected Worker Suite of Applications, takes digital transformation to the field by addressing the requirements of the industrial worker and offering a comprehensive and scalable ecosystem to deliver end-to-end solutions for real-world use cases in health and safety, accelerated in-field decision making, first-time right quality, operational efficiency, productivity improvement up to 30% and skill enhancement.

About the author

Swaminathan Sriram
Swaminathan Sriram is the Technology Head for Employee Modern Applications and Modern Intranet stream in TCS’ Microsoft Digital Workplace. He helps companies drive their digital workplace transformation by providing intelligent solutions using Microsoft 365. Swaminathan has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the VIT University, India.
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