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Strategies for futuristic business operations

Essential operations enablers for better business performance


Lasting benefits from intelligent operations.

A more intelligent, integrated approach to business operations offers widespread and lasting benefits—including cost savings, growth, and transformation.  

The survey uncovered four enablers to a futuristic operations model.



Harmonized technologies enable the C-suite to execute their strategic priorities. 

New business models ranked number 1 for the C-suite in priorities, ahead of profitability and cashflow or customer experience. To achieve their strategic business priorities, including new business model execution, 88% of CXOs said that “harmonizing multiple technologies” is critical.

The ability to better respond to a highly dynamic business environment through artificial intelligence (AI) and other advanced technologies promises to give companies the opportunity to innovate and reshape their business models for the future. 



Data is essential for cognitive business operations.

When asked how they achieved their business priorities, out of 9 options, 89% of all CXOs surveyed ranked digital and data-driven operations as most important, followed by a simplified, modernized technology environment, and taking advantage of ecosystem partnerships. 



Key to AI success? The right technology aligned with the right process. 

90% of CXOs say aligning the right technology with the right process in the right order is the most essential factor for successful AI/automation technology deployments. Most agree that this, combined with a holistic, strategic approach, is the key to AI success.



Facts in figures

Future-ready business operations


About the study

To understand how companies are building out their future business operations strategies for 2024, TCS’ Thought Leadership Institute has conducted a cross-industry survey to more than 300 enterprise C-level executives s in Australia, France, Germany, the UK, and the US. The survey explores their top strategic focus areas and uncovers key enablers to creating a more intelligent approach to business operations. The survey also examines what top-performing organizations, or Pacesetters, in these countries, are doing differently.  

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