It is a 'New Era' at Delhi


New Era Mayapuri - Prempal Singh and Arnav Sharma


Rukmini Devi School Pitampura - Saarthak Sachdeva and Vishal Golcha

"The old order changeth yielding place to the new" thundered quizmaster Pickbrain as he summarized the Delhi edition of the quiz. With over 75 percent of the participants being first timers and the runner up team from class 8 and 10, the statement seemed a perfect synopsis to the changing times here. It was also a coincidence that in these changing times the champion school was "New Era".

Earlier in the day a prelim described by contestants as "tough but well balanced" resulted in the following six schools making it to the final:

Amity International Gurgaon - Nakul Gulati and S.Vignesh
New Era Mayapuri - Prempal Singh and Arnav Sharma
Air Force School Subroto Park - Tanmay Garg and Pratik Sharma
DPS RK Puram - Bhuwan Khattar and Tanay Padhi
Rukmini Devi School Pitampura - Saarthak Sachdeva and Vishal Golcha
Cambridge School Indrapuram- Naman D and Raunak Sett

The final was swift, tense and entertaining. The teams had all prepared well and the battle was extremely even as the quiz moved rapidly from one round to another, showing how prepared they were as they stunned the audience with some brilliant hits.

In the buzzer phase of the quiz, New Era did very well to ensure they stayed ahead of the rest though by a whisker and the quiz came down to the final round with the quizmaster commenting "It is amazing to have all the six teams with a chance to make it to the national final with one round to go. It reflects how tough a battle at Delhi is". In the final round it came down to managing nerves as well and the New Era duo did that to perfection to secure a place in the national final.

The second place saw a tie breaker between the young team from Rukmini Devi and DPS RK Puram which the former clinched in style. DPS RK Puram were very graceful and mature to instantly applaud a young team that emerged on the scene this year.


New Era Public School

Prempal Singh and Arnav Sharma

Runner Up:

Modern School

Apratim Chandrasingh and Naman Dhanuka