Navy Children’s School top Vizag


Navy Children’s School : Rohit Mishra and Ashutosh Kumar


Timpany School : Ansh Bhatnagar and Nikhil Binani

It was year two of the quiz for a young, new state. Even a heavy drizzle did not deter the teams from turning out in large numbers for the quiz. Quizmaster Pickbrain started proceedings with a fairly simple set of 20 questions. The finalists were:

Bethany School : Dev Shankar and Arnav Raju
DPS : Anshuman and Suvigya Sharma
Navy Children’s School : Rohit Mishra and Ashutosh Kumar
Visakha Valley : Dhanush and Sai Kiriti
Timpany School : Ansh Bhatnagar and Nikhil Binani
FIIT JEE : Shreyas and Himanshu R

The final was an exciting and thrilling fare. Teams cracked posers that seemed difficult with great ease. The wit of the quizmaster stood out as he kept the tempo and the audience entertained. All teams looked early on as the quiz progressed a brisk pace.

The quiz over the next few rounds saw a head to head battle between the team from Navy Children’s and Timpany with the former playing sensibly and the latter playing catch up to perfection. They ended the quiz with both teams locked in a tie.

The Timpany boys took the plunge with courage but the folly let the Navy school duo win their first title at Vizag. The TCS Region Head for AP and Telangana, Mr. Rajanna who had travelled from Hyderabad to be part of the final, made an observation that these youngsters align well and quickly to the ‘digital world’ and that will help them leverage better in the future.

The guest of honour, Prof. Prasada Rao Vice Chancellor, Gitam University wished he could have all these students with him in the next few years, appreciating their abilities.


Navy Children School:

Rohit Mishra and Ashutosh Kumar

Runner Up:

Timpany School:

Sansh Bhatnagar and Nikhil Binani