FIITJEE wins Hyderabad thriller


FIITJEE Hyderabad : Priyansh Shandilya and Akshay Kolli


Chaitanya Jr.College : Md.Hashmi and Samhith Sagar

On a cloudy, yet humid morning at Hyderabad, over 400 teams gathered with a lot of enthusiasm and expectation for the city edition of TCS IT Wiz. The quiz has been extremely popular here with teams coming in this year from as far as Vizag, Kodad and Kurnool.

The prelim got underway as Pickbrain went about explaining the importance of the quiz and the significance of platforms such as these. The questions were interesting and six schools that made it to the final were:

Chaitanya Jr. College : Md.Hashmi and Samhith Sagar
FIITJEE Hyderabad : Priyansh Shandilya and Akshay Kolli
Hyderabad Public School : Srinivas and Tarun Sepuri
Oakridge International School : Arjun A and Arjun K
Chirec International School : Vivek Dhara and Akash S
Teja Vidyalaya Kodad : Gokul Sai and Pawan T

The final began with the team from FIITJEE getting off to an early start with good answers but it was not long before the boys from Chaitanya got into the act and went ahead of the rest. The other teams started slowly and it was the youngest team from Kodad travelling more than 150 kilometres that impressed the audience with their answers.

The onset of the buzzers created a lot of tense moments. The teams that knew the answers were unwilling to take risks while those who took half chances ended up with negatives. With Chaitanya still in the lead, and two rounds to go, the battle looked interestingly poised with FIITJEE right behind.

In the round based on lateral thinking the FIITJEE team took two good strikes and that helped them draw level with Chaitanya. In the final round, the deadlock continued and in the final question, the duo from FIITJEE took the chance early and got it right to make the journey to Mumbai for the national round of the quiz. The Chaitanya boys finished runner up in what was an absorbing battle.

For the FIITJEE team the win is a reward for perseverance as they have finished runner up twice in the past and missed on another two occasions, so being crowned champion in their final attempt was emotional and well earned.

The chief guest, Prof. A Venugopal Reddy, Vice Chancellor, JNTU, expressed his joy at seeing young school children answers questions that seemed way beyond their grasp. Mr.V Rajanna, Regional Head TCS Hyderabad was also present as the chief guest gave away the prizes.


FIITJEE Hyderabad:

Priyansh Shandilya and Akshay Kolli

Runner Up :

Chaitanya Jr.College:

Md.Hashmi and Samhith Sagar