Sacred Heart, Kota wins Indore


Sacred Heart, Kota : Animesh Harsh and Shreshth Pal


St. Pauls School, Indore : Rudraksh Tripathi and Kartik Tiwari

The Indore edition of TCS IT Wiz has always brought in more than a thousand contestants. This year it grew even bigger and clocked close to 1700 students. They came in from not just Indore, but from Bhopal, Ujjain, Kota and Varanasi as well. A quick prelim by Pickbrain set the stage for the finale with the following six teams.

St. Pauls School, Indore : Rudraksh Tripathi and Kartik Tiwari
Sacred Heart, Kota : Animesh Harsh and Shreshth Pal
Atomic Energy School, Indore : Amogh Sharma and Shri Hari Raju
Emerald Heights, Indore : Dev Seth and Purab Seth
Indus World School, Jhalaria, Indore : Ms. Shipra Joshi and Ms. Charumann Dube
DPS, Bhopal : Kabir Singh and Chinmay Jain

The finale was a stunning display of IT know how from a city that barely five years ago looked like it was learning its first IT lessons. Students from all schools were sharp and quick with their answers. It was however, the boys from St. Pauls and Sacred Heart that made more headway compared to the others. In the rounds that followed the teams from the Central School and Emerald Heights came up with good answers but they were not enough to challenge these two teams.

The battle between St. Pauls and Sacred Heart went on till the final round, when the Sacred Heart took some quick risks and went ahead to win the quiz. The other highlight of the quiz was the tweets that were going out from the hall.

Kolkata barely a week ago had registered over 30,000 tweets setting a new national record. That was erased by a couple of thousands prompting ace quizmaster Pickbrain to remark “Indore is the tweet capital of India at IT Wiz”.

The guest of honour Mr. Ashok Pai, VP & Global Head Cognitive Business Operations, TCS remarked that he was impressed with the performance as he gave away the prizes to the teams.


Sacred Heart, Kota

Animesh Harsh and Shreshth Pal

Runner Up:

St. Pauls School, Indore

Rudraksh Tripathi and Kartik Tiwari