Ryan rise tall from Delhi


Ryan International School, Greater Noida: Ms. Sampurna Dasgupta and Garv Tandon


Sunbeam School, Varanasi: Swapnil Singh and Sujit Ray

Over 1100 students,over 100 teachers,an ace quizmaster,and the stage was set to celebrate 20 years of IT quizzing in schools with TCS. The year is also significant being the 50th anniversary of TCS.

Twenty crisp questions set the tone for the prelim, surely a notch higher than most cities as it was the national capital.The teams, however, kept the pressure on Pickbrain to not give any clues, which impressed him and the audience. The six schools that made it to the finale were:

Sunbeam Varanasi : Swapnil Singh and Sujit Ray
KL International Meerut : Navneet Singh and Swastik D
Ryan International School, Greater Noida : Ms. Sampurna Dasgupta and Garv Tandon
DAV Model School, Pitampura: Akshit Mehra and Akshat K
Modern School : Aditya Sarkar and Shashank Ramesh
DPS Noida: Pranava Dhar and Chirag Bhansali

The final saw two-times national champion (2016 & 17) of the quiz, Pranava Dhar, make it to the Delhi final yet again, this time with a new team-mate. The quiz started with the team from Varanasi doing very well as did DAV and Ryan.

As the quiz progressed it was clearly a four-way battle between these teams. The DPS duo seemed to miss a few chances as the pressure of the final kept mounting. The Ryan team did very well to get into the lead, taking their chances and backing their nerves. The Varanasi boys too did well as DPS lost out and DAV kept its course. In the end, Ryan held their own to win their maiden Delhi title as Sunbeam got past DAV on a tie-breaker to finish runner-up.

The guest of honour Prof. V. Ramgopal Rao, Director IIT Delhi, appreciated the teams and spoke of how despite all the rise of artificial intelligence it was human intelligence that ruled the day. Mr. Tej Paul Bhatla, VP and Head of TCS North, applauded the teams and teachers for raising the bar each year. With the Delhi champion identified, the stage is now set for the national round at Mumbai. TCS IT Wiz 2018 will certainly have a new champion.


Ryan International School, Greater Noida

Ms. Sampurna Dasgupta and Garv Tandon

Runner Up:

Sunbeam School, Varanasi

Swapnil Singh and Sujit Ray