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As companies’ operations expand, they face issues of longer time-to-market, rising cost, high rejection rates in quality approvals, and compliance to regulatory norms. Silos of redundant data, duplication of efforts for design and manufacture, numerous CAx tools for Product Definition, limited interoperability, multiple disconnected sites across the world, diverse standards, processes across sites, and multiple legacy systems add to the challenges.

TCS Solution

TCS Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Solutions are focused towards providing visibility of product and performance by integrating data, knowledge and business processes, and making them accessible across your extended enterprise.

We help transform the way organizations manage their product related processes transcending functional, enterprise, and geographical barriers and innovate by leveraging the company’s intellectual assets.

We have built a wide range of PLM Solutions to digitize and manage the entire product lifecycle, from product conceptualization, to design, manufacturing, installation, maintenance and finally retirement. We work on cutting edge PLM products to provide services and solutions across automotive, aerospace, hi-tech, retail, and life sciences verticals.


  • Reduce execution time

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Improve on-time delivery

  • Reduce design and production rework 

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