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TCS Customer Intelligence & Insights™

AI-driven Analytics for Real-time, Personalized CX



Are you struggling to break down data silos and fully leverage the value of your customer, product, and operational data? Can you respond to your customers’ changing needs, buying habits, and sentiments in real time? Are you having trouble finding analytics use cases built specifically for your industry?

TCS Solution

What if you had a customer analytics solution that connected across legacy systems, data silos, digital channels, and devices? One that offered real-time, hyper-personalized insights, predictions, and recommendations at every point along each customer’s digital and physical journey? One built for your industry with out-of-the-box use cases for faster time-to-value?

so you can deliver personalized, relevant experiences that differentiate your offerings, drive engagement, and boost customer lifetime value.

CI&I goes beyond horizontal analytics with pre-built, industry-specific use cases that deliver actionable insights with tailored solutions for:

CI&I Features

CI&I Benefits

  • Improved omnichannel customer experiences and engagement
  • Increased loyalty, customer lifetime value (CLV), and wallet share
  • Faster time to value with pre-built, industry-specific analytics use cases
  • Lower TCO with flexible architecture built with open-source components
  • Extensible, future-focused platform designed for connected intelligence
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