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Customer Intelligence & Insights

Deliver Relevant Retail, Banking and Communications Connected Experiences


Customer Intelligence & Insights (CI&I) customer experience software solutions help organizations deliver the most relevant, connected experiences in real time across customers physical and digital worlds. They are designed to help enterprises identify and develop the relevant and compelling experiences customers are looking for today. TCS’ CI&I is fully integrated software designed specifically for:

  • Retailers
  • Banks
  • Communications Service Providers

CI&I collects and analyzes large volumes of structured and unstructured customer and operational data, providing the real time insights needed to deliver exceptional experiences across the customer journey—quickly and cost-effectively.

CI&I industry-first solutions provide out-of-the box, industry-specific modular applications with pre-built use cases that drive early, practical and sustained results.


  • Supplies deep insights to create the connected customer experience
  • Delivers faster time to value with pre-built analytics, IoT-ready integration, and industry-specific dashboards
  • Complements existing IT investments through its modular architecture
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