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Voltas Predictively Maintains its Chillers

TCS helps Voltas develop a Remote Chiller Monitoring System to prevent chiller breakdowns across India.

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Operational Efficiency Improvement

Voltas initiates steps for preventive maintenance to avoid chiller equipment breakdowns.

India’s premier air conditioning and engineering services company, Voltas, needed to train and deploy field engineers to regularly maintain its chillers at 1000+ locations across the country.

Often, it took multiple visits to problematic sites to identify the operational issues and eventually fix the problem.

This resulted in additional maintenance costs. Voltas needed to leverage their vast experience in chiller management to track breakdowns in advance and avoid unexpected failures and unavailability of spare parts. 


TCS enables centralized HVAC equipment monitoring with an IoT based solution.

—to jointly develop a centralized system that could remotely monitor chillers across different geographies.

Our end-to-end solution helped Voltas:

  • Diagnose real-time health of their chillers through a live dashboard

  • Identify anomalies in the equipment parameters to facilitate alerts and notifications to their field engineers

  • Predict failures in equipment for proactive maintenance

TCS leverages IoT to enable centralized HVAC equipment monitoring

We leveraged our in-house Sensor Data Analytics IoT Framework (SDAF) to acquire data from the IoT gateways and send it to a Big Data based cloud platform for:

This enabled real-time reports and dashboards.

Voltas is envisioning a predictive maintenance system leveraging Big Data & Analytics to increase their equipment availability and improve customer satisfaction.

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