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Prathap Thompson

Chief Architect, Open Banking Strategic Initiatives, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Unit, TCS

Banking-Operations-as-a-Service – An Emerging Revenue Stream for Banks 

The API path to monetizing operational excellence and domain knowledge

Evolving customer expectations coupled with digital technologies have revolutionized the financial services landscape. Easy access to digital enablers has led to the rise of fintechs and challengers negatively affecting the market position of traditional banks.         

The Open Banking regulation is nurturing fintech-incumbent partnerships through new business models such as the banking as a service model. This presents an opportunity for banks to retain market share by adopting the banking operations as a service model and implement API frameworks to expose functionalities across retail banking, cybersecurity, risk and compliance and more. Moving to the banking operations as a service model will help banks create new revenue streams and unlock value from the substantial investments made in acquiring domain knowledge and operational expertise. To implement the banking operations as a service model, banks must

  • Evaluate operational landscape and obtain a holistic view of capabilities
  • Identify capabilities that are in demand
  • Build APIs to expose functionalities on the as-a-service model