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Ramani Balakrishnan

Mortgage Strategic Initiatives, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS

Living as a Service can help in improving lender customer relationship

Mortgage industry is facing the worst retention era in decades and lenders need to find ways of maintaining the portfolio. The lenders' product-centered business model keeps them dreaming of ways to create additional goods and new features to draw more customers. Every lender believes customer engagement is the focus, but the fact is the banks and lenders perceive customer service as a feature rather than a skillset.

Additionally, the ready availability of numerous alternatives and advancements in technology has made it easy to switch providers. Seeing that a typical mortgage period lasts for two to three decades, it is in the lenders' interest to take care of consumer needs.

In a bid to offer additional personalized services, the lenders can utilize the Living as a Service (LaaS) model. It involves partnering and developing product/platforms to deliver services that can adapt to fulfil every day customer needs in real time. A successful LaaS model can deliver value to the banks and servicers by generating revenue streams and help in retaining customers in mortgage industry.


About the author

Ramani Balakrishnan
Balakrishnan is a Domain Consultant in the Transformation Solutions Group (TSG) at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).