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BT faces database scalability and legacy modernization challenges.


British Telecom’s existing 85TB Oracle enterprise data warehouse (EDW) was facing scalability challenges amid rising data volumes that needed faster processing. The EDW also lacked the requisite additional capabilities for handling Big Data, and provisioning self-service operations to empower business users. The system was built on legacy hardware and end-of-life software, which entailed the risk of compliance lapses. BT also wanted to ensure the security and portability of data to minimize data risk. 



TCS implements a cost-effective, scalable data warehouse with self-service capabilities.


TCS deployed the new enterprise data warehouse (EDW) in four stages–hardware upgrade, database upgrade from Oracle 10g to 12c, operating system transition from HP Unix to Linux x86, and the physical data migration. 

TCS procured the hardware from IBM for installing and running the databases, while the applications were to be moved to BT’s cloud infrastructure. TCS built the new system’s architecture in line with existing EDW, and customized the settings for enhanced capabilities. Rigorous functional and non-functional testing, including computerized adaptive testing and user acceptance testing (UAT), was conducted in the production environment.

A migration plan was chalked out for transferring the physical information to the new data center, followed by a series of trial runs, to ensure error-free migration. Once the roadmap was validated, TCS began the live migration of data using an EMC storage device and Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) cross-platform backup (CPB) technology.   


“The largest Oracle telecom database migration in Continental Europe”

David Salam, Director, Data Analytics, Service & Operations, BT


TCS deploys IBM hardware, migrates data, and upgrades  databases from Oracle 10g to 12c   

What Made it happen


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