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With ageing processes and systems that lack integrated and scalable business capabilities, semiconductor firms need to accelerate digital transformation to sustain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving business landscape. They must increase business velocity through digital interventions and automated solutions to eliminate business friction across the value chain. The IT systems of semiconductor firms are burdened by complexities arising from multiple disparate systems inherited from merged or acquired entities.


Backed by TCS’ contextual knowledge as well as business and technical expertise acquired through decades of experience with major semiconductor players, the TCS Crystallus™ platform unlocks value across organization-wide process areas, as follows:

  • Enables highly automated, intelligent, and collaborative customer engagement environment across the marketing, design-to-win sales, supply, and services functions
  • Builds supply chain agility and resiliency via tight coupling of planning and manufacturing processes through advanced functionalities like constraint-based production planning
  • Enables supplier collaboration through strategic sourcing, advanced spend analytics, and an intelligent procurement platform
  • Harnesses the power of AI, automation, and cloud to enable companies to hyper-personalize and optimize their business strategies
  • Adopt an opex operating model through pay-as-you-go pricing


With TCS Crystallus™, semiconductor companies can achieve the following benefits:

  • Up to 25% reduction in deal cycle time
  • Upwards of 20% increase in win rates
  • Improvement in on-time delivery by 10-20%
  • Up to 30% improvement in perfect orders
  • Return on investment and breakeven point within 18 months

“Crystallus is a paradigm shift in the way IT operations are handled by semiconductor companies and has the potential to change the dynamics of the semiconductor industry forever”- Phil Baldock. Operations Industry Leader.  Ex CIO and EVP Operations.


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