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Naveen Arora

Practice Lead – Service Platforms, Communications, Media, and Information Services, TCS

Arun Ramachandran

Technical Architect - Digital Interactive, Communications, Media, and Information Services, TCS

Munish Thakur

Domain Consultant – Network Services, Communications, Media, and Information Services, TCS

Three Network Technologies That’ll Change the Game for Pay TV

In 2019, 39 million+ viewers will ‘cut the cord’ and move to OTT. This puts increasing pressures on traditional pay-TV operators to rapidly innovate and adapt. A three-pronged technology adoption roadmap could streamline this transformation, enabling pay-TV providers to actually gain from WebRTC, IP multimedia systems, quad-play packages, and other exciting products of the OTT era. The roadmap will involve:

  • Network virtualization
  • Network slicing
  • Next-gen plugins

Together, this will create a converged environment  for capturing, engaging, and retaining a new generation of content consumers. Pay TV providers who successfully move to a converged environment will gain from:

  • Industry-wide standardization of formats, compliance protocols, and device compatibility
  • New revenue channels through targeted ads, personalized recommendations, and real-time alerts
  • Future-proof products based on hybrid, API-ready architecture

To make this vision a reality, TV providers will partner with network management experts, creating a smart, profitable, and truly enriching content delivery mechanism