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Senthilvelan Natarajan

Global Head – AI Platform Solutions, Communications, Media and Information Services Business Unit, TCS

Kaustav Bhattacharya

Product Manager, TCS Enterprise Digital Twin

E2E enterprise visibility for CSPs without operation disruption or heavy spend

Enterprise Digital Twin is differentiated by its ability to preemptively detect deviations in purchase/usage/support pathways in real time. Leveraging the latest in AI and enterprise simulation and modeling, it helps in mass-customizing journeys, delivering superior experiences and avoiding opportunity losses, improving profitability in a competitive landscape. Digital Twin technology can help CSPs:

  • Aggregate business and technical events for real-time correlation with customer journey, creating a single cross-functional view
  • Simulate and track correlated customer journeys using AI-based hybrid decision engine
  • Predict, track and report deviations, trigger next-best actions towards corrective resolutions
  • Simulate macro trends like competitor actions and emerging technologies, and micro factors like inventory availability and resource performance; discern impact
  • Calculate the best journey performance metrics using machine learning, so that systems meet customer expectations