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Agnetta Rebecca Ruskin

GTM Lead and Product Module Owner, TCSTwinX, Communications, Media and Technology, TCS

Digital twin technology enables real-time fraud prediction

Digital trust is crucial in the telecom industry; it is becoming increasingly relevant with consumers spending more time online. However, fraud continues to be a pervasive problem with fraudsters finding new ways to circumvent traditional, rule-based fraud management systems, impacting the topline and overall customer experience. Telcos must use technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to mitigate fraud. These technologies can be used to create predictive models and simulations, which help analyze the target-worthiness of a potential victim. Such a solution will balance security and customer experience by:

  • Testing fraud controls in simulated scenarios and ranking against key performance indicators

  • Creating digital twins and vulnerability profiles of multiple entities 

  • Enabling decision making based on simulation-based experimentation 

  • Measuring predictions against actual outcomes to create a feedback loop