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Shubhadeep Sanyal

Research analyst, Marketing Transformation Research Group, TCS

Rahul Hak

Senior domain consultant, Communications, Media, and Information Services (CMI) business unit, TCS

5G - the future of telecom operations promises unprecedented speed and agility

Get 5G-enabling technologies including virtualization, artificial intelligence (AI), microservices, and IoT with a maturity model for 5G-ready telecom network. The model defines the sequence in which these technologies must be implemented to realize the promise of the 5G future. The steps for making telecom networks 5G ready include:

  • Implementing SDN controller module
  • Virtualizing functions through NFV for centralized network control and implementation of changes in real-time
  • Harnessing self-aware network AI to analyze data, predict 5G future network conditions, possible issues, and achieve a hyper-automated 5G network- with zero human intervention 
  • Leveraging edge computing to maintain 5G-level QoS and latency in IoT use cases