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There is an imperative need for enterprises to ensure business continuity considering the volatile macroeconomic environment we are operating in. The need is for increased visibility in the core areas of supply chain and inventory planning for improved management of spikes in demand and supply. Currently, manufacturers lack granular insights such as daily demand from channel partners and clarifications on non-fulfillment of replenishment requests. This impacts operational efficiency and customer experience.


TCS’ Inventory Allocation is a leading-edge inventory planning and distribution, management solution that provides enterprises with complete visibility across the supply chain. The solution encompasses market channel order management, automated order recommendation, and business rules-based inventory allocation.

The cloud-based collaborative platform displays real-time market demand. To minimize the risk of product unavailability due to market fluctuations, the solution recommends daily orders dynamically. The automated system allocates inventory to market-channels based on predefined rules such as past allocations, order recommendations. The touchless replenishment planning system minimizes inventory carrying costs by optimizing demand fulfillment. Root cause analysis on non-fulfillment of orders are flagged to the demand planning team so that they can find and mitigate the issue.


  • Reduce manual efforts and improves case fill rate
  • Reduce time-to-market with process automation
  • Minimize operational costs by improving efficiency
  • Improve collaboration and increase visibility on operational flow
  • Reduce inventory days with faster inventory turnover
  • Real-time demand analysis and inventory planning
  • Real-time reports on replenishment requests and fulfillment status


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